Elk Research Foundation

Project 1901 - Elk Scientific Literature Database

The Elk Research Foundation has announced plans for the creation of a comprehensive online database of scientific literature relating to elk health studies.

The database, which aims to collect hundreds of articles to be sorted by subject, is modeled off the successful work completed by the National Bison Foundation, which completed a catalog of bison literature.

The ERF is working with Dr. Murray Woodbury at the University of Saskatchewan to help guide the project, which is projected to be completed in Spring 2019. Dr. Woodbury is a DVM and currently services as the Associate Professor and Research Chair for the Specialized Livestock Research and Production Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

"The Elk Research Foundation is proud a one-stop shop for scientific information about elk. Information is power and it best serves our industry to have it in a place where interested stakeholders can find it," said ERF Executive Director Travis Lowe.

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