Elk Research Foundation

Current Projects

Project 1501 - Puberty Research in Elk Heifers
The ERF Trustees approved a new project to measure trends in breeding conception for elk heifers. The project aims to help answer the age-old question regarding the appropriate age to expose heifers and needed body weight requirements. Dr. Martin Wenkoff, who serves on the board of trustees, proposed the project stating comprehensive data on the project could be very helpful. Learn More

Project 1603 - Tracking Offspring of Elk Carrying Hybrid Genes
This ERF Project intends to take a closer look at known elk hybrids that breed to pure elk. It is well known that elk, red deer and sika deer will hybridize. Though elk hybrids in North American are not common, there is always more to learn when there is intended hybridization on an elk ranch in states that legally allow it. This particular study will follow several pure elk cows that are bred to a known hybrid and track the offspring over several generations. Learn More

Project 1701 - Collecting Elk & Deer Samples for CWD Ante-Mortem Test Research
The ERF Trustees approved a new project to allow the foundation to collect extra samples from Chronic Wasting Disease positive or suspect elk and deer herds to be used for future research. Samples can be used for ongoing trials and/or stored for promising opportunities in the future. The ERF will also act as an intermediary to locate and disseminate CWD samples to qualified researches and laboratories. Learn More

Project 1801: Identifying Current Scientific Knowledge about CWD Resistance in North American Elk, Whitetail Deer & Mule Deer
While the origins of CWD are uncertain, the disease has been present in wild cervid populations for nearly 50 years and has now been reported in farmed and free-ranging populations in 23 American states, 2 Canadian provinces, Norway, Finland and the Republic of Korea. Susceptibility in deer and elk is often linked to specific alleles of the normal cellular prion protein, encoded by the PRNP genes, including the 96, 95, 116 and 226 codons in white-tailed deer and the 132 codon in North American elk. Learn More

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