Elk Research Foundation

Completed Projects

Project 1401 - Live CWD Research on Elk herds in Saskatchewan
Project 1401 was a two part project in Saskatchewan for research to support development of a live test for Chronic Wasting Disease. The Elk Research Council executed the project with the help of the Saskatchewan Cervid Alliance. Dr. Nicolas Haley, of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, conducted the ante-mortem sampling and research for Kansas State and shared samples with Colorado State University. Learn More

Project 1503: CWD Test & Cull Study
A promising project with a 2016 start date plans to help illustrate alternative solutions for managing CWD positive herds. The current approach for many states and provinces when handling a case of CWD in a captive herd is to quarantine and ultimately depopulate the entire herd. In some areas, specific management plans are developed while the herd remains under quarantine to keep the post-mortem prevalence of CWD on a premise site to a minimum. Learn More

Project 1601: Anthrax Study in Farmed Elk
ERF Project 1601 specifically aimed to better identify anthrax risk in captive elk herds in states and provinces of the United States and Canada with and without a known anthrax history by performing serological testing for antibodies to B. anthracis. Hundreds of elk ranchers live in or near the documented risk zone. The ERF partnered with the University of Florida on this project. Learn More

Project 1602 - Characterization of Hemorrhagic Disease and Vaccine Efficacy in Captive Elk
Though uncommon, outbreaks of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (EHDV) have been regularly observed in both captive and free-ranging herds of elk since 2009. ERF Project 1602's goal was to understand the strains of HD that are causing mortality in captive elk herds and the efficacy of commERFially available autogenous vaccines for HD. Learn More

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