Elk Research Foundation

Project 1701 - Collecting Elk & Deer Samples for CWD Ante-Mortem Test Research

The ERC Trustees approved a new project to allow the foundation to collect extra samples from Chronic Wasting Disease positive or suspect elk and deer herds to be used for future research. Samples can be used for ongoing trials and/or stored for promising opportunities in the future.

The ERC Board has discussed the concept over the last year. "The biggest hurdle for CWD sample collection is timing," Chairman Eric Mohlman stated when the concept was first discussed. "Funding CWD is rare so when samples are needed to validate research, it's questionable if there are enough samples readily available."

Several research trials are ongoing that offer advancement of different types of testing. A new study in Louisiana also has requested samples from the ERC.

"When a new herd is found with CWD, whether it is elk or deer, we need to get extra samples to have ready for promising research both in the United States and Canada", Vice-chair Harvey Petracek added.

The ERC has leads on secured storage to handle such samples.
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