Elk Research Foundation

Project 1603 - Tracking Offspring of Elk Carrying Hybrid Genes

The Elk Research Council has approved a project that will follow several pure elk cows that are bred to a known elk hybrid bull. It is well known that elk, red deer and sika deer will hybridize. Though elk hybrids in North American are not common, there is always more to learn when there is intended hybridization on an elk ranch in states that allow it. ERC Project 1603 will follow several generations on this specific breeding and track the offspring.

"This project will help shed light on the impacts of hybrid breeding," said Rick Jensen, a trustee of the foundation. "We do not see many hybrids anymore but this study will provide some general answers to our industry."

The Elk Research Council will partner with the participating ranch on the project. The ranch will absorb feeding and care costs of the animals in the study.

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