Elk Research Foundation

Project 1501 - Puberty Research in Elk Heifers

The ERC Trustees approved a new project to measure trends in breeding conception for elk heifers. The project aims to help answer the age-old question regarding the appropriate age to expose heifers and needed body weight requirements. Dr. Martin Wenkoff, who serves on the board of trustees, proposed the project stating comprehensive data on the project could be very helpful.

"The ability to fully understand when heifers are capable of breeding will have many impacts for calf production," said Wenkoff. "Currently, there are many theories regarding heifer puberty with little data compiled." In yearling heifers, the study will compare pregnancy/calving rates in various weight categories for several herds in Canada and the United States. Dr. Martin Wenkoff, the administrator of the study, will select several ranches to participate and coordinate the data and results. The study will include several weigh-in points on all participating heifers, exposure to either natural service sire or artificial insemination and verification of conception.

This will be a two or three year study, beginning in the summer of 2015. The administrator, with the help of the ERC trustees, will inquire and select candidate ranches to participate in the study with the first trials commencing in September 2015. Additional studies will take place with repeated trials in September 2016. Data will be collected throughout the project and compiled. Preliminary results will be available in early 2017.

"The more participants and data we collect is all the better," said Wenkoff. The ERC asks any NAEBA member interested in participating in the study to contact ERC Executive Director Travis Lowe.
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